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Yangzhou Zhongbang Casting Materials Co., Ltd. is an integrated industry and trade, the Yangtze River Delta region is a large-scale, complete variety, wholesale and retail iron alloy, multi-alloy and other production and sales enterprises.

    The company established a production base in the northern region to provide sufficient supply and quality support for the company's sales in East China. Now the company iron alloy warehouse located in the beautiful tourist city of Yangzhou Baoying County West Industrial Park!

    At present, the company's physical warehouses are: Silicon iron, manganese iron, Chromium iron series. Rare earth magnesium alloys, various specifications of incubators, Silicon barium incubators, low aluminum Silicon strontium incubators. Iron and water refining agent, impostor, calcium Silicon manganese deoxidizer, casting demoulding agent, petroleum Coke increasing carbon agent, graphed carbon increasing agent, Earth graphite, phosphorus sheet graphite, high aluminum vanadium earth powder, high clay, iron sulfide, Phosphate Iron, electrolytic manganese sheet, nickel plate, Molybdenum iron, titanium iron, vanadium iron , niobium iron, tungsten iron, etc.. Silico-based dry vibration material, electrically fused silicon-based dry vibration material, silicon-based Silicon oxide containing Chromium dry vibration material, alumine-based low cement injection material, aluminum silicon-based plastic material, alumina plastic material, pouring coil slurry material, coating coil pulp material, mica insulation paper and other accessories and other non-ferrous metals, rare metals.

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